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Add a Rustic Feel to Your Home or Cabin with Woven Blinds

Woven blinds have the ability to suit any type of room decor. They are a great way to create a different feel within the home. The way in which they are made means that each blind is unique and offers varying degrees of light filtration. Woven window treatments are also referred to as matchstick blinds [...]

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Cleaning Tips for Your Dusty Wooden Blinds

If you have recently purchased new wooden blinds but are unsure how to clean and maintain them then the following tips will help you greatly. Wood blinds can look great. However, just like any other type of window treatment they become dusty and dirty. A great way to clean them is to run the smallest [...]

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Add Warmth and Beauty to Your Home with Wood Window Blinds

Wood window blinds are a superb type of window treatment for the home. With so many varieties of blind on the market it can be difficult to choose a style. Wooden style blinds create a warm and inviting environment and help to add style to the home. Wooden blinds come in a wide variety of [...]

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Measuring and Installation Tips Regarding Wood Vertical Blinds

There are many different types of vertical blind available but we will focus on wood vertical blinds. These types of blind offer privacy and are great for larger sized windows. The slats can be opened to the centre or either side of the window in order to allow light to enter the room. This style [...]

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Wood Slat Blinds Can Suit Every Type of Room Decor

Wood slat blinds are ascetically pleasing. They can completely refresh the look of a room without having to spend too much money. The appealing look of wood allows it to suit virtually any style of home. It looks great alongside modern or traditional style furniture and can add the finishing touch to any room. Wooden [...]

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Shopping Hints and Tips Regarding Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are a beautiful style of window covering. Fitting real wood window treatments within the home can completely transform the look of your windows. They can create an elegant appearance plus they look great with wood flooring. However, wood window treatments do have their negative points. Wood is more costly than other styles of [...]

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