Add a Rustic Feel to Your Home or Cabin with Woven Blinds

Woven blinds have the ability to suit any type of room decor. They are a great way to create a different feel within the home. The way in which they are made means that each blind is unique and offers varying degrees of light filtration.

Woven window treatments are also referred to as matchstick blinds or bamboo shades. There are a range of weaves available, which includes privacy weaves and open weaves. They are most commonly manufactured from real wooden strips which are woven together in a unique way. Many are made from natural fibers and sustainable resources which include soft woods such as bamboo, rattan, grass, and reeds.

If privacy and light control is important to you and your home then there are several lining and control options to choose from. These types of blind are capable of creating a relaxed and casual look, they are ideal for cabins where a rustic and natural look is required.

They are also ideal for conservatories, porches and places where you want to create an outdoor theme. There are many stores that sell cheap versions of this style of blind. However, if you wish for high quality and a long lasting blind then it is best to purchase them from a well known manufacturer, and pay slightly higher prices to guarantee that they will last.

It is important to purchase high quality, durable woven blinds. Especially if they are to be used on a frequent basis such as that of French door blinds. They are easy to install however you should ensure that you know the correct measurements before purchasing them.

If regular fabric or vinyl blinds are too boring for your home then woven shades and blinds are the perfect alternative. Woven blinds are the perfect way to create a calm and soothing ambience where ever you wish to fit them.

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