Advice for Home Owners Who Are Measuring For French Door Shades

When purchasing new French door shades it is important that you have the correct measurements. Knowing how to measure the windows correctly is important otherwise you could end up purchasing the wrong size.

The wrong size French door blinds can completely ruin the look of your home and may end up allowing too much light into the room. They may also lack privacy. Before purchasing shades for your doors it is important to decide on the window treatment which will meet all of your needs and requirements.

French doors are also referred to as French windows, this is because of the way in which they are wider than normal doors and seem to look more like windows. They allow a lot more light into the room and therefore allow people to see into your home much more than they would through a normal sized window. With this in mind you need to choose a blind that offers a substantial amount of privacy.

When measuring the window frame you should ensure that no handles will obstruct the blind. If you are unsure about the measurements then it is advisable to enrol the help of a friend. Alternatively, you may want to pay a professional to come into your home and measure the windows and doors to determine the correct size and give you advise.

French door shades can create a clean and modern appearance. They come in a variety of designs and colors which allows the home owner to match them with their existing decor and the style of the French door. The majority of styles will not obstruct or block the view through the doors therefore if you have a picturesque view then you will not lose this. You can simple louver the French door shades or lower and raise them as and when required.

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