Cleaning Tips for Your Dusty Wooden Blinds

If you have recently purchased new wooden blinds but are unsure how to clean and maintain them then the following tips will help you greatly.

Wood blinds can look great. However, just like any other type of window treatment they become dusty and dirty. A great way to clean them is to run the smallest vacuum cleaner attachment over them whilst you are carrying out your regular cleaning routine. For vertical blinds, vacuum from the top downward, and for horizontal blinds vacuum from the left to the right. Ensure that you vacuum both sides of the slats.

For hard to remove dirt and dust, then take a soft cloth or cleaning glove and wipe along the top and bottom of the slats. It is important to clean each side as both can be seen when they are open and closed.

If you wish to use a cleaning solution on the blinds then it is best to check the manufacturer’s instructions that came with the window treatments. Some people choose to use wood cleaner or vinegar, if this is used then it should be applied to the cloth and not directly to the wood.

You should always ensure that the wood does not become too damp whilst cleaning them, as wood tends to warp if it gets too wet. This makes them unsuitable for humid environments.

After cleaning the blinds it is important to leave them open to ensure that they are dry. Do not close them as this may cause them to stick together and cause damage. Taking the blinds down and washing them is not recommended for real wood blinds.

Cleaning your window or French door blinds on a weekly basis will help to prevent the buildup of dust and will prolong the life of the blind. It will also help your wooden blinds to look their finest at all times.

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