Enclosed Blinds Are Easy To Install and Can Enhance Your Doors

Enclosed blinds are one of the most suitable types of French door blinds available nowadays. They are designed similar to mini blinds however it is enclosed within a frame that fits within the window. The frame has a lever which allows you to easily open and close the blind.

As with all window treatments, these enclosed blinds offer privacy and light control with the added advantage that it is behind glass, and therefore much easier to maintain as they do not need to be dusted. The way in which it is housed between tempered safety glass means that it does not hang loosely, and therefore the blind cannot drag or sway. Another great safety feature is that there are no hanging cords and therefore it cannot cause injury or danger to children and pets.

Installing these types of French door blinds is relatively easy and does not require any special installation. In fact it is much easier to install than a regular blind. Before you make a purchase it is important to measure the windows. Enclosed blinds are available in a range of specific window sizes, should your size not be available you will require it to be custom made.

Once you have purchased the correct size you should ensure that you have the correct tools in order to install the blind, this will include a screwdriver which is used to install the brackets onto the door appropriately. All blinds come with their own dedicated installation guide. It is important that before you get started you should clean the glass windows on the door. Should you wish to change the color of the outer aluminum finish then this can be easily repainted to suit your homes existing décor.

As you can see there are many advantages of choosing  enclosed blinds over a regular blinds, the hassle free maintenance, safety and appealing nature make this blind a great alternative.

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