Faux Window Blinds

Faux window blinds are practical and look great too. The sun glaring through the window can cause your furniture to fade. A great way to prevent this is to install faux wood window treatments throughout the home.

Prolonged exposure to the sun may cause fabrics to fade, it is much cheaper to install window and French door blinds than to replace sun damaged furniture and carpets. The great thing about faux wood is that it is hard wearing and resistant to the sun therefore it will not fade or damage whilst protecting your home, it will last much longer than real wood.

The blinds can be slanted open or closed as much or as little as required, this allows you to have as much light and privacy as desired. If the television is facing the window then you may experience viewing problems, the blinds can be tilted to prevent the sun’s glare on the television screen. They are ideal for throughout the home particularly living rooms, bedrooms, and used as french door blinds. The blinds do not have to be closed continuously to offer protection as the angled slats will provide adequate privacy and light control.

As you can see there are many advantages of purchasing faux window blinds for your home. People tend to forget that the sun can damage their furniture and carpets and concentrate more on purchasing window treatments for privacy purposes. When purchasing your faux window blinds you should ensure that they are the correct size before installing them. Poorly fitted blinds will not look good plus they will not provide the best protection, as the light will often creep through the sides of the blinds allowing rays of sun light into the room.

Faux window blinds are an investment, therefore you should ensure that the ones you purchase are high quality and offer a high standard of light filtration.

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