How to Take Care of Your Wooden Window Blinds

Wooden window blinds look great within the home but unfortunately they require more care and attention than other types of blind. Other varieties of blind can be taken down and soaked in order to clean them but wooden blinds should never become wet.

Wooden window blinds may warp or discolour if subjected to wet or humid conditions therefore it is extremely important to clean the blinds with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Luckily the smooth, flat surface of the slats enables us to clean them easily with a cloth.

Run a clean cloth or feather duster over both sides of the slats on a regular basis. If you wish to, then you could run the smallest hoover brush attachment over them to remove the excess dust.

Various wood preservatives can be used on your window and French door blinds in order to preserve the wood’s natural luster. But before using any type of product it is best to check the manufacturer’s guidelines that came with the blinds. If you do not have these guidelines, then check the manufacturer’s websites, where they often have a section on maintenance and cleaning. Some people recommend white vinegar, but again check with the guidelines. They may be able to offer you particular instructions on how to clean them.

A great tip to prevent dust from accumulating is to wipe each slat with a dryer softener sheet after cleaning. This will help to repel the dust in the future. It is a great way to extend the times in between cleaning periods, plus your blinds will look great as they will be dust free for longer.

Following these tips will keep your wooden blinds looking great for years to come. Wooden window blinds can look truly elegant, so keep them clean and looking at their best at all times.

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