Hunter Douglas Blinds

Most people purchase their window blinds based upon how they look, however a Hunter Douglas blind offers so much more. Hunter Douglas offer energy efficient products that look great too.

All of Hunter Douglas’s window and French door blinds provide insulation. They offer the home a much better and much higher protection against heat loss which is essential during the winter. During the summer months their window treatments minimize the sun’s production of solar heat. A popular style of blind which offers these benefits is their range of cellular blinds. These window treatments feature a patented honeycomb within a honeycomb construction therefore providing excellent insulation and privacy.

There are three ways in which your blinds can conserve energy. These are known as insulation, solar heat control and day lighting.

Your windows allow heat to escape through them during the winter and can allow too much heat through them during the summer. Many of Hunter Douglas’s blinds resist this type of heat flow. This helps to reduce the amount of energy consumed, and therefore allows you to save money on your heating and cooling costs. This will create a much more comfortable environment within the home.

Hunter Douglas offers blinds that are designed to minimize the levels of solar heat that comes through the windows. This is referred to as Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). For high protection you should choose a blind that offers low SHGC. This feature helps to save on air conditioning costs. To allow more sun into the room the blind can be raised or opened.

Their final way of providing you with energy efficient products is through day lighting, this refers to the way in which their blinds generate and control natural light rather than require electrical lighting. Particular styles include sheer fabrics.

When purchasing new window treatments it is important not to choose them purely on looks, a Hunter Douglas blind may cost a little more but it will look great and save you money in the future.

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