Learn Why a Faux Wood Blind Is a Great Alternative to a Real Wood Blind

The most common faux wood blind features horizontal slats which offer privacy and light control. Faux is a French word which is used to describe fake. It is referred to as faux because the blind copies the look of real wood.

The look of your home can become dated and a quick fix could be needed. Redecorating the home can be expensive, but new window and French door blinds can help to refresh the room and bring a new look. Faux wood blinds are a cheap way to do this. They bring about a natural and inviting appearance.

Real wood can be very expensive, especially if you have a number of windows to purchase for. The imitation alternative can provide the same look as real wood but without the high costs.

Real wood is actually quite difficult to take proper care of, you will need to clean and maintain it properly. Whereas faux material, which is usually a mixture of real wood and vinyl is easy to maintain and has the advantage of being water resistant. This resistance means that the material will not warp or peel when subjected to high levels of moisture and humidity, whereas wood will warp and expand when subjected to moisture and a warm environment.

The faux wood is a lot more durable and hard wearing than real wood. It will not fade in the sunlight which is an extremely important factor. For environmentally conscience people this material is far superior to real wood as it is environmentally friendly and does not require trees to be cut down.

Faux wood blinds are available in various finishes, all of which look great. Many people have difficulty determining real wood and replicate wood therefore why waste money on real wood when a faux wood blind can look just as great in your home.

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