Reasons Why Bamboo Blinds Work Well On French Doors

Natural wood looks great against French doors and can create an element of harmony within a home. Many people choose bamboo blinds as they offer affordability as well as privacy and light control. The color, style and size will all affect the cost of the blinds but in general they are extremely affordable and easy to install.

Bamboo blinds have been popular for many years and are commonly known as matchstick blinds or woven wood shades. They are available in many styles and finishes which include rattan, reed, jutes and woven woods. All of which are suitable for modern and traditional homes. They work well within most environments as they are simple yet extremely stylish looking.

There are two main types of blind that are suitable for French doors, these being roll up and Roman style. The first type, roll up French door blinds work on a rope and pulley system which is great for people who want a clear view out of their glass doors, when you want a degree of privacy or relief from the sun then they can be unrolled in order to cover the glass.

The second type comes in the style of a roman blind. These feature much larger slats which are opened and closed using a rod. This type is usually more costly than roll up blinds but offer much more elegance.

There are many other products that can be purchased to match the bamboo window treatments, this includes rugs and table mats. The bamboo comes in a variety of styles and colors from light earthy brown to dark rich browns. You can choose a color bamboo that will match the room’s interior.

When purchasing new bamboo corded window coverings it is important to ensure that they are safety compliant, with a release device in case of an accident. Therefore if you are looking for bamboo blinds then it is important to shop around and purchase high quality.

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