Reduce the Amount of Heat Loss through Your Windows with Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are also commonly known as honeycomb shades. It is a well known fact that heat is lost through windows. These blinds can help to prevent air flow and heat loss through the glass and can therefore help to reduce your energy bills by approximately 10 to 50 percent.

You can become more energy efficient through your choice of window treatments. The best choice of window and French door blinds are the cellular style, these are much better than conventional blinds. Many people use these blinds to prevent the sun from entering the room and making it warm. However, these blinds can also be used in order to trap the heat within the room during the colder months. Cellular shaped window treatments are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. They are a much softer style for children’s bedrooms and nurseries. They are available in three options, these being single, double, and triple layer pleats. These options offer the homeowner varying light filtration and room darkening abilities.

Cellular style French door blinds are much more effective that drapes when it comes to preserving the energy within a room, during winter they keep the room warm but during the summer they prevent the room from becoming hot. Air conditioners can be expensive to run therefore they should be used wisely. These blinds help to keep the room cool and prevent the air conditioning unit from having to work so hard. They are the ideal choice for home and office use. The name cellular and honeycomb comes from the shape of the blind which features individual cells which are glued together for efficiency, from the side view it looks like honeycomb. These cell pockets help them to be energy efficient.

As you can see, cellular blinds are extremely energy efficient. They can help to cut the costs of your energy bills whilst providing you with style, elegance, plus light and privacy control throughout the seasons.

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