Reduce the Amount of Sunlight That Shines Through the Window with Pleated Shades

Pleated shades are designed to look attractive and add texture to a room. In addition to this they are functional. They offer the room complete privacy and can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters into the room.

They are most commonly made from soft, durable fabrics which compactly fold on top of each other when fully raised. They do not obscure the view out your window and look attractive when opened or closed.

The design flatters the window regardless of the shape or size. The light filtering fabrics that are used for the blinds creates a high degree of light filtration, this allows you complete control. If you want the room to be free of light then you simply lower the blind.

The way in which these pleated window treatments are made ensures that no light enters the room. Unlike other types of blind, there are no small gaps to allow light through. They are designed with one continuous layer of fabric which helps to block incoming and outgoing light and provides you with privacy. These types of blind offer much more texture than other single layer blinds such as roller blinds.

Pleated blinds are an attractive and stylish type of window treatment which offers light and privacy control with a decorative appeal. They are available in a broad range of fabrics and colors. Lighter semi sheer fabrics allow more natural light into the room than that of darker colors. Darker shades will give a much darker look to the room therefore if your room is already quite dark you may want to consider a lighter shade of blind.

As previously mentioned, these pleated shades offer a much more decorative look. The accordion style folds add definition and texture to the room therefore making them great window and French door blinds. Pleated shades can be used throughout the entire home.

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