Safety Advice Concerning Window Shades

It is important to check the safety of your existing window shades and blinds. All loose cords should be inaccessible and out of reach of children due to the sever accidents that they can cause.

Many blinds and window shades have looped cords which are used to raise and lower them. These prove as serious risks to young children and pets, as they may get their neck caught within the free standing loop. Pets and children running past the hanging cords can easily get caught up in them. Wands can also be dangerous as they could hit the child in the face.

Dangerous products are often recalled by the CPSC and the Window Covering Safety Council. They also provide various tips on how to keep the home safe. Where possible cordless widow shades should be installed, ideal places for cordless blinds are children’s rooms and nurseries. If the room has hanging cords then the beds, toys and furniture should be moved away from the window shades.

Continuous loop cords should be permanently anchored to the floor or wall to eliminate the risks of strangulation. The ideal way to achieve complete safety and peace of mind within the home is to install cordless blinds, which are operated via a remote control or wall switch.

Motorized window treatments are more expensive than regular window treatments however the extra costs outweigh the risk of death. As well as being safe, motorized shades and blinds look much neater.

Many homes feature French doors. These can actually be a problem. Children and pets running in and out of the doors can prove as a hazard, therefore motorized French door blinds are the perfect solution.

Many people purchase window coverings based on how they look but as you can see, special attention should be paid on the safety of the window shades.

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