Stimulate the Look of Real Wood in Your Home with Faux Blinds

Real wood blinds have been one of the most traditional styles of blind for some time, but in recent years more and more people are turning towards faux blinds. Faux is another word for imitation, this style of blind is a replicate wood which is as close a look as possible.

Faux wood looks and feels like read wood but without the high cost price tags. These blinds are created using a mix of wood pulp and various resins such as vinyl. A negative aspect is that they are much heavier than real wood. However, this can also be seen as a positive as they are much more durable and longer lasting than real wood.

Imitation wood is much more affordable than purchasing real wood. This is great for people who are on a budget and cannot afford the real thing. They are also great for areas that have high levels of humidity and moisture in the air as the faux material resists moisture, unlike real wood. The slats will not warp and can be cleaned easily.

Replica wood blinds will not ruin the look of your home. In fact many people may not even notice the difference. They can be easily blended with your existing wooden furniture and flooring without looking out of place. Faux wood suits many styles of room including traditional and contemporary. They are available as window and French door blinds and can be used within both a residential and commercial setting.

Cleaning this type of material is a simple process as opposed to wood blinds which require special cleaning. Just like plastic blinds, faux blinds can be cleaned using tepid water and ordinary nonabrasive hand soap.

For a money saving option which looks great too these are the ideal blinds. As you can see there are many advantages associated with this type of window treatment. Faux blinds offer the same benefits as real wood but with many added advantages.

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