Whatever the Style of Your Home There Are Wood Venetian Blinds to Suit It

Wood venetian blinds are a wooden style of window blind which features horizontal slats. These slats are held together by cord ladders. They offer a timeless style that will suit any home. The natural shades of wood will blend with virtually any type of decor. As an alternative look, many companies offer painted style of blinds. A white wood blind will look great in modern homes.

Lighter shades of wood will complement the latest types of wooden flooring and furniture. Where as darker shades of wood look great within traditional looking homes, and will create a dramatic effect.
Wood venetian blinds can be purchased in three different slat widths, these being 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. These options give you the chance to match them perfectly with the size of the windows. It also gives you control over the amount of light and privacy. The overall style of venetian blinds makes them a popular choice of French door blinds.

Venetian blinds are an extremely popular type of window treatment, which is used in residential and commercial properties. They are capable of creating a warm and welcoming feel.

Unfortunately they are more expensive than plastic blinds, curtains and drapes but they do have many more advantages than these types of window treatments. Their advantages include durability and low maintenance plus they provide better control over light.

Real wood does tend to warp if they are fitted within areas of high humidity and moisture. With this in mind it is important to purchase wooden window treatments from well known and reputable manufacturers. Higher quality wood blinds have often been treated against warping and cracking and therefore are a much better investment.

Wood venetian blinds will look great wherever you wish to install them, their versatile look and huge range of stains and finishes make them ideal for the entire home.

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